Capability Builders NZ (CBNZ) is a Te Hiku based business formed in September 2020 with aspirations to make a difference within our community.

We teach business foundations; providing workshops and support for whanau with a business idea.​

We call it the Te Kōrau programme

Te Kōrau is a business development programme that equips aspiring rakahinonga (entrepreneurs) with the insights, relationships, and tools needed to turn an idea, talent or passion into a sustainable business venture.​

​We create a safe, welcoming learning space for small groups to receive tailored learning.  ​

We/they have fun, asks questions, learn from existing businesses and are connected to others that have the specialty skills like accounting, marketing and legal.​


To support and empower aspiring entrepreneurs with their innovative journeys to turn passion into a sustainable business ​


To identify and provide solutions for gaps in the world of entry level business skills in Te Hiku, by turning skill capability into business agility




Mātauranga (life long learning)​





Raewyn Flay – Director

Ko Maunga piko te maunga

Ko Parengarenga te moana

Ko Kurahaupō te waka

Ko Te Reo Mihi te marae

Ko Pohotiare te hapu

Ko Ngāti Kuri te iwi

No Raewyn Flay ahau

I was born and raised in Te Hiku – Awanui, attending local kura until leaving to study and start a family. I returned to Te Hiku with my kōtiro and begun a journey in social work, management and building financial capability. Alongside my close whānau upbringing and serving the community of Kaitāia for 16 years, I developed the desire to empower, uplift and support whānau wanting to build their dreams and aspirations through business and enterprise.

Capability Builders NZ was created from a passion both Suzie and I shared to encourage inspiration, empowerment and enterprise within the community of Te Hiku. We envision a strong circular economy within our roopu alongside whānau, hapū and Iwi development.

My husband and I are business owners and we have learnt the importance of having good business practices to eliminate stress and heartaches.  Delivering Te Korau has been a learning for myself as well as participating whanau. The fundamentals taught within the program cover how a business operates and how to operate successfully.
I enjoy sharing this learning journey with whanau, watching He Kakano (concept, seedling) develop into Te Korau (Start up, Frond) or He Puawai (Business, Blossom). This reinforces my desire to empower whanau and inspire Te Hiku.

Suzie Clark – Director

Ko Upokonui te maunga

Ko Karemihako te awa

Ko Rangaunu te moana

Ko Māmari te waka

Ko NgāiTakoto te iwi

Ko toku kainga noho kei Awanui

Ko Suzie Clark ahau

My experiences start with roles in finance – sales/marketing – television production and design.  In these environments you learn fast the essentials for good communication, the power of building trust and the ultimate value of relationships.  

I am a self-employed wāhine enjoying the highs and learning from the lows and what overseeing my own business means for me.  The type of work I do for my clients varies; from project management, to brokering and facilitation to running workshops for people with business ideas.  I like the stretch and grow, the variety and the challenges.  

I am a trained as Co-Starter “Te Kōrau” facilitator & deliver a 6 week programme covering business fundamentals with a Māori fusion, using the lean canvas method for new business start-ups.   

My passion kicks in when I see the drive and enthusiasm from our people who just need a helping hand to learn the basics of being in business and prepare themselves for what’s ahead.  It’s very rewarding; to be a small part of their journey.